• Wines from Topoľčianky region became famous during Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk ´s presidential office and they found their way to Prague´s most fashionable restaurants.
  • First wine produced under the trade mark Château Topoľčianky was made in 1933.
  • Nowadays we are leading wine producer in Slovakia with yearly production of more than 7 500 000 litres of wine.
  • Cultivating more than 650 hectares of our own vineyards enables us to control the quality and ideal sugar content inside grapes during harvest season.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering slovak quality wines and wines with attributes which annually win well-recognized awards all over the globe.
  • To furthermore expand our portoflio We have introduced sparkling wines made by the „méthode traditionnelle“ and exclusive wine distillates, thus creating a wide range of interesting grape products.


While based on a historical tradition and a long-established knowledge of wine-making, we place great emphasis on the production of full and extractive wines which represent their specific terroir.


  • Slovakia - international and national retail stores
  • Czech Republic - Globus (retail)
  • Poland (private shops)
  • Taiwan (private shops)
  • Japan (private shops)
  • China (private shops)
  • Vietnam (private shops)


Adam Zilik

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