• History of our winemaking association dates back to November 22nd, 1948 when 87 founding members started to grow wine on 65 hectares of vineyards and orchards. With time, the membership base grew wider to include almost 300 members and the cultured area comprised almost 250 hectares.
  • Our vineyards sweep across the South and South-East slopes of the Small Carpathian Mountains of the Bratislava boroughs of Nové Mesto and Rača. We grow grapes on the gentle as well as steeper terraced slopes of the Small Carpathian Mountains and depending on their particular orientation, the vineyards have a wide or narrow spacing. In growing wine grapes, we prefer chemical-free methods of protection and prevention or we use products consistent with the principles of ecological agriculture and eco-friendly fertilization.
  • The unique local terroir is suitable for growing traditional varieties such as Blaufränkisch and Müller Thurgau. To a smaller degree, we also grow white varieties, such as Rhein Riesling, Veltliner, and Irsai Oliver as well as red types - Cabernet Sauvignon and Neronet.

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Excellent Wines from the Small Carpathian Mountains of Bratislava


Jan Drobny

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