• Vinovin company was founded in 1990. It follows the wine-making tradition of its predecessors from the 19th century. During this period, Filip Fraňo bought a house with a cellar from the village called Kučišdorf, present-day Vinosady, and with the help of his three sons processed their grapes from their vineyards located around the village Kučišdorf. The wine from their production matured in oak barrels located in the cellar, which has been and still is a part of the house located in Pezinok Street in Vinosady.
  • Today, the cellar is used for wine-tasting. In 2000, the wine-producers, the Fraňos and the Ščepans, got united and established an enterprise with a long wine-growing tradition. Although the grapes are not only from our production, we strive to provide exceptional quality and therefore we are in contact with its growers.


Wines from the vineyard directly on your table


Vladimír Kučera

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Jesenského 2, Pezinok, Slovakia