• cider from apples, pears, strawberries, sour-cherries and many other fruits
  • available also English style farm-house cider
  • 100% natural product
  • without e-additives and conservants
  • hand-made product
  • gluten free product
  • minimum of sulphites
  • Made in Slovakia
  • Martin’s Cidery was founded in 2014 in the Slovak town of Nitra and until these days has been combined tradition and innovative thinking with the aim to promote this unique product in places where so far only the tradition of brewing and winemaking has been prevailed.
  • We are young and unrestrained by tradition. We act instinctively more than strategically.
  • There are not many of us, in fact a few. This is a family story in which individuals rose to great heights and in which innovations bloom through adversity.
  • In the world that turns into a virtual, we triumph simply – by fruit and earth, and in their mixed beauty.
  • We are accessible, but demanding. Faithful to nature. The craft is our discipline.
  • Locals and neighbors!…, we celebrate the wild, newborn wave of the cider. Hand-made, hand-treated, hand-poured!
  • It’s a return to earth. That’s how nature tastes!


Martin´s Cider - It´s a party in a bottle!


  • You can order our product directly from our stock. Please contact us by e-mail at:


Martin Hrncar

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